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Combining compassion and emotional support 

with resourcefulness and creative problem-solving.

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"In our experience, Yanfei provided us exceptionally professional service in the preparation of our green card interview. She was thorough in reviewing our application, helped us practice answering commonly asked interview questions, and took the time to answer any questions we had. Throughout the whole process, Yanfei was extraordinarily positive and informative, and it provided us with the confidence and preparedness we needed for a successful interview. Thank you, Yanfei!"  ~A.O. and M.C.

"Yanfei is a fantastic lawyer! I would highly recommend her. She advised me on my pending divorce, answering all my questions clearly and thoughtfully. She knew how to figure out how best to achieve my goals in the settlement. She always put my interests first. I'm grateful I found Yanfei!"  ~Alex

"Yanfei was not only my lawyer, she was my therapist. She listened patiently and compassionately – for hours and hours – as I processed the pain and guilt of my experiences. She supported me throughout the preparation of my U visa application, and continued to keep up my spirits as we waited for the results. Without her, I would not have been able to get through the difficulty of recounting my past trauma and the anxiety of dealing with the long wait for the U visa. I highly recommend Yanfei to anyone who wants not just a good lawyer, but a true advocate."  ~M.Z.

"I'm a domestic victim, my child's father fight with me for the child custody, I hired a lawyer to help me out, he got money from me but no help at all, just waste my money and time ... felt very sad and hopeless until I met the lawyer Yanfei Shen, very impressed me that since Ms. Shen knows my situation, she came far away from other city to my place to meet me and talked with me about my case instead of go to her office, very touch by her (I don't think other lawyers will do this to the customer), she is the best lawyer I ever met, I feel very lucky to have her as my lawyer, she is a very professional, kind, thoughtful, patient, friendly, understanding and full of knowledge, and energy, I can't believe that she will reply my message during the night and weekends ... with her help, I win my case, got my child full custody ... she is so great, I'm very thankful for her help, five star lawyer, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer, trust me, you won't regret your choice."  ~Leslie

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